13 Coffee Cups

1. The New Cup

Siya threw her bag on the floor as soon as she came back from college. opening her laptop, she connected the video call to her home. her lower lip was tumbling and eyes were almost filled with tears that she didn’t shed, yet.

She bit her lip in an attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth. Her leg was fidgeting as she was patiently waiting to connect the call, finally, her younger sister appeared on the desktop.

“hay dee…how—uh-ho, what happen? why are you carrying?” Anu asked as soon as she saw tears in her sister’s eyes and red face. Grandma was doing her pooja when Anu spoke loudly, she stopped her pooja and got up from her place. Their mom and aunty were in the kitchen, they also ran to the living room.

As Siya was waiting to be asked, she started to cry loudly and mumbled about her day. “mammaa…dadi…” she sobbed.

“yes beta, say what happen?” her mother asked, the worry was clearly visible on her face.

“anybody said anything?” her aunt asked. Her hand was still covered with flour.

“if anybody troubled you, let me know, I’m going to break their nose,” her dadi said on which Siya and Anu chuckled. “are batao to sahi”(tell us)

Siya shook her head and took a deep breath, “I don’t want to live here, I want to come back” she started to cry again and continue shaking her head.

“beta, what happened? can you tell us whole thing?” her mom sat and took a laptop on her lap after asking. “but first drink some water” Siya nodded and went to the kitchen. She took the water bottle which was only one, she took the mental note to fill up all the bottles later.

She came back already filling calm and started to tell about today. When she woke up today at first she thought about her mom, calling her for breakfast but then she remembered she wasn’t at home anymore. She looked at her phone for checking the time, it was six in the morning still two hours for getting ready for college.

She brushed her teeth while putting a pot on a stove. When the water started to boil she add coffee and sugar and opened the fridge. Shit! No milk. She kept forgetting that she wasn’t at her home where her mom will wake her up or the fridge will be filled with everything. She sighed and decided to drink black coffee for the first time.

She ate biscuits with her coffee, which was testing well then she thought. By the time she finished all her chores, it was 8.30 and she decided to walk to college.

“I’ll call you from tomorrow for waking you up,” her mom said.

“and I’ll remind you of getting groceries don’t worry” her aunt added up.

Siya smiled and continued, as she reached her college. She stopped on her track when she saw students running here and there. the campus was small but too many students made it smaller. She looked around her for finding any similar or friendly faces who will help but no, she decided to go to the office.

Making her way from clusters of student she finally reached office, she talked to the first person available on desk, the lady spoke only two words without looking up or approaching her ,”fourth counter” Siya went to fourth counter and fortunately that sir was good enough, he gave her directions to her classroom and some instructions.

She started to walk though she had directions she forgot the number of her room which was too many, she finally spotted her classroom and opened the door.

The room was filled with buzz at first but when Siya opened it everyone stopped talking and looked at Siya, she felt the center of the attention at that time which she didn’t like at all.

She sat on the corner of the last bench to avoid everyone’s eyes and it was empty too.

Students were coming one by one, mostly had friends and the ones that don’t be on the phone constantly. The professor came when the bell rang and chattering stopped for an hour.

The whole day went like this, the professor came gave them an introduction and started their respective lectures.

After three hours of these continue lectures, it was time for break according to college schedule but as it was their first day there were no lectures or lab after that so everyone picked up their stuff and left the classroom. people started to go home and so did Siya.

She went to the canteen and order samosa which was very bad in a test, making her day more awful, she didn’t like it here a bit. When she was eating that awful samosa, she so wanted to go back home.

A drop of tear slid down to her chick, “I want to come back mamma” there was a silence for a few minutes, no one spoke anything, her mom was waiting for Siya to calm down.

There’s no way her girl was coming back, she’s there for something, to live her life, to achieve her goals.

“beta, siya…it was a bad day, the bad first day. You have got the whole three years there. to make friends, to enjoy your life. you cannot back out in one day”

“what I am supposed to do mom?”

“let’s take it slow, one day at a time.” her grandma started to speak. “buy some groceries, fill your water bottles, arrange your room and make amazing a cup of coffee at the end. “

Siya didn’t say anything, not even nodded, she should do what is right and urgent, crying won’t help. Plus it was just a matter of time, she’ll find some friends soon.

She wiped her tears and nodded to her grandmother, they all made grocery-list together which contain more instant food than raw materials.

It was evening when she’d done all arranging and shopping, the sun was settled and few stars were twinkling in the sky, birds were going to their nests. She smiled showing the perfectly peaceful evening.

She made herself upma for the day and started her favorite movie to watch. at the end of all, as her grand maa said, she’d made a perfect cup of coffee, took her earbuds and went to the terrace.

She took the first sip of her coffee and sat on the porch, looking at stars and climbing moon. Those peaceful moments didn’t last long as her neighborhood started to blast into music. Though she didn’t mind that she already wanted some music.

Half of her coffee was finishing when she heard meow of a cat, Siya loved cats, she looked at the direction of the voice, the poor animal was stuck with wires. She got up and unstuck her. the cat ran towards another house.

She looked back after that and gasp, a guy standing in front of her sipping her coffee from her mug.



hola! I’m back and living.

honestly, I was done with my exams around 10 days ago and I’ve been lazy till now. actually, I was thinking to complete the story and then find an editor and then publish it but, can’t, I can’t work without little motivation. I tried and tried and tried.

okay so now it’s here and tell if you like me or not. I made an update schedule. mwf=monday, Wednesday & Friday.

tata, I’m sleepy though it’s dinner time.


Edited: 27/11/2019. 

today, after a year, I am the teacher in the same college and I took the exam. I am so proud of myself. 

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