13 Coffee Cups

2: The Tired Cup

Shlok looked in the mirror for the last time, grey tee on white shorts making him more handsome. ‘okay Shlok, it’s party time’ he said to himself, gave a small smirk while looking into the mirror. He turned around but again faced the mirror and told himself within a serious tone ‘enjoy tonight’ looking at the reflection of his eyes.

Shlok had been living in the city for three years, still, he couldn’t adjust there a bit. He was very popular in college, among professors because he was smart and witty and of course among girls because at the same time he was witty. He hosted the party tonight at his room yet a little bit he knew he would be bored in a matter of seconds from all the socializing.

After half an hour the party picked up its pace and the crowd started to gather more and more that’s when Shlok wanted to go out from his own house.

When you are an introvert and you try to be social just to fit in the crowd, that’s when you lose yourself.

Tired Shlok came out, went to the terrace, he undid his tie and shoved it into his pocket. Looking at the stars he took a long deep breath that turned into a sigh, relaxing his whole body. A smell of coffee hit his nostrils and he found a cup on the terrace beside him.

He jumped down there and took the first sip when he heard a girl’s voice.

“hay…that’s my coffee” Siya shouted from her place and the boy almost spit out the coffee. Siya walked towards him and took the cup, more like snatching it.

“what? it’s just coffee” shlock said whiningly.

“my coffee” she pointed out herself

“unbelievable” shlock rolled his eyes “who claims a coffee?”

Siya decided not to look at him, she looked inside the cup there wasn’t much left. She looked at Shlok, his tired eyes filled with loneliness.

“I’m Siya” she introduced herself. “and you already have half of my coffee, finish it” she didn’t like it, doesn’t like sharing her coffee but a little good gesture won’t kill her.

Shlok took the cup with a big goofy smile “I’m Shlok” he took the sip and asked, “new here?”


“just bored at my own party?”

“what? is it your party? what are you doing here?”I don’t like it and I’m doing it”

“that’s such a shame”

“indeed” just when they were having conversations a girl came to Shlok’s terrace.

“Hey…Shlok what are you doing here? people are finding searching for you”

“coming” Shlok yelled and then looked at Siya,” wanna join?”

“no, you enjoy it. I’ll sleep”

“oh-ky” he jumped to his terrace and waved his hand to say bye.

Siya watched him until he vanished, taking her cup she came down. She thought about her day and Shlok while sleeping peacefully.

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Siya’s eyes were half-closed when she came back from college. Today was better than yesterday, she made some friends, one of her classmates was searching for an apartment to stay at, Siya gave her address, it would be nice to have a room partner. she wouldn’t feel lonely. She prayed that her friend liked the room. Besides that it was a long day, the lab work was long and tiring.

She put her bag on the bed and went straight into the kitchen, drinking half of the bottle in one go. She had bought sandwiches from the store for dinner tonight that she kept in the fridge.

After taking a long hot bath, she heats the sandwiches and starts a movie while eating. As soon as dinner completed she put the plate under her bed, too lazy to move her butt and started to revise today’s lecture notes.

She was in the middle of it when she remembered she had clothes on the terrace which she kept for drying. “shit” she cursed and ran to the terrace. When she pushed the door, she saw two cups of coffee in Shlok’s hand.

“Nice timing, I was coming down to call you,” he said smiling wide.

At first, Siya was surprised, he said he’ll get coffee next time, she smiled when she remembered and smack lightly on her head. Meanwhile, Shlok placed himself on the porch.

“I came to take my clothes,” she said, “but yeah I can take your offer” she took a cup from him. she saw the image on the cup, it was like her, tired.” a tired cup”

“yeah..now shhh enjoy your coffee,” Shlok said in a little hard voice and fake anger.

“yes boss”

after a few minutes of silence Shlok spoke again,” by the way-“

“you said no to voice”

“I can break my own rule…now listen-“

“that’s not fair, that’s chea-“

“I saw you today” Shlok cut the Siya and that’s when she stopped interrupting him.

“what? when? where? how?” she asked

“one answer at a time” Shlok gesture one finger “yes” the second finger “at noon, lunch break” the third finger “in my college, probably we are in the same college” and fourth finger “with my eyes”

“But I didn’t see you”

“you can’t”

“why?” He came close to Siya and said, “because I’m invisible”

“Oh, I’ll find you tomorrow” Siya smirked “wanna bet?”

“bet and if I’ll find you, we’ll have lunch together.”

“bet it is”

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