13 Coffee Cups,  Writing

3: The Loser Cup

In the evening Siya made two cups of coffee and bought it on the terrace. She put the cups and waited for Shlok to come. She was welcomed by cold breeze after rain, muddy smell, and scattered clouds in the sky.

It has been three days since they had bet. Yet Siya couldn’t find Shlok in the college, it was like he was invisible and could see Siya but she couldn’t. She daily searched for Shlok’s face in her class, canteen, and library.

“whom are you looking for?” her classmate asked while they were in the canteen “looking for a boyfriend?” she teased further but Siya just shook her head.

Siya was almost sure that he hid whenever she tried to look for him. She nodded in agreement with herself when Shlok came on the terrace as well.
He was in his usual black trousers, loose maroon t-shirt and messy hair as if he had just woken up from a long nap. Siya sometimes wonder if he ever combs his hair. “hay…” he said. “why are you nodding your head like a cow?”

Siya shook her head in disagreement as she was drinking coffee.

“cows also shake their heads this way,” He said laughing a little.

Siya lightly slapped him on arm after giving him his cup. He sat beside her and took a sip from it. “Saw me today?” he asked her, knowing he’s winning the bet.

“Nah” Siya tusk. Shlok chuckled while taking another sip. “You know…you are cheating,” she said.

“How am I cheating? you just can’t find me” he put the cup aside.

“Our campus is not so big…you are obviously hiding from me”

“I am not hiding from you. You are a bad observer.” He replied gesturing.

“No! I know you hide as soon as you see me” putting her cup aside and argued back.

“Okay, let me tell you a few situations. Remember the lunch bell rang and you came with your friend at the canteen yesterday?”


“I was ordering, standing a step ahead of your friend in line and you were busy looking at other students”

At that time she was looking for him but her friends literally took her to the canteen as she was hungry. She was looking for him there too but she never paid attention to what is happening in front of her eyes.

You can’t find something in a simple site because you wanted to find it in a complex way.

“and the day before yesterday, you collided with exactly three people and one of them was me. The guy in the blue shirt in front of your class door”


“Yes, you were looking here and there but not in front of you.”

Siya’s mouth was wide open as Shlok was telling her,” sometimes things are just in front of you and you keep looking around”. Siya closed her mouth and gave him sheepish smile and said “almost same thought came in my mind”

“Now have your coffee” he handed her cup “and as I won the bet, what will you give me?”

Siya gulped her coffee, it was cold by now. “whatever you want” she said in sing-a-song voice.

None of them thought about what they will do after winning bet. Shlok was thinking what to ask and Siya was thinking what would Shlok ask.

Finally, Siya said, “I should go, have an assignment to complete”

“wait…” Shlok held her hand “it’s been a long time since I haven’t eaten any hot meals for dinner” he paused, watching more like observing his reactions, “can we go for dinner?”

Siya was looking at her hand and the warmness she was feeling. Shlok’s face was barely seen without much light. Siya felt tingles…or maybe jolt of electricity. She couldn’t figure out.

“okay. Tell me when. nighty night” She barely could say this and ran towards downstairs.

Siya came down with a big smile on her face. Her stomach was filled with butterflies and that smile wasn’t leaving her face. She put the cups in the sink very slowly, still smiling like an idiot. Why is she smiling so much?
She opened her notebook but stared at for half an hour without writing a word. She was going for dinner with Shlok. Why it feels special? It’s just dinner right…dinner date? Maybe.

She called her little sister but Anu picked it up after a very long ring, “hello Anu”

“yes, dee,” Anu said although she sounded sleepy. She looked at the clock, it was showing half-past eleven. Her tongue automatically came out in realization that everyone must have slept at home and she disturbed Anu’s sleep.

“Nothing…nothing just sleep goodnight”

“goodnight” she replied but didn’t cut the call. Siya could listen to her small snores from the phone. She smiled and cut the call before she too heads towards her bed.


The professor, next day in class, was discussing genes but Siya was thinking about what dress she should wear for her dinner date. Next in the lab, while thinking about Shlok she almost ruined her experiment by burning the agarose gel. Classmates in her group groaned because it was lunchtime and everyone was hungry however Siya made them even later. Siya asked them to go, doing the remaining experiment by herself. There was just spreading left when the gel on plate solidifies. She was waiting for that when her phone pinged. There was a text from Shlok.

ur frndz r here. Where u?’

She smiled and replied to what happened and that she was still in the lab. In reply Shlok said.

‘k. Will c u @ eve’

Siya never liked the short form of texting. What you achieve in those extra seconds? But today she was too happy to complain. She put the phone in her pocket and continued her experiment.

When she came home, she wasn’t tired at all, she put her bag on the bed straight went to her dresser. taking out a few dresses from the cupboard she stared to check on herself.

Almost every day when she came back from college she used to lay on the bed for a few hours. Taking rest and checking her Instagram feed but today her excitement for dinner gave her extra energy.

Finally, she settled on a light green one with floral print. she took a quick bath and done little makeup. After getting ready while she was waiting for Shlok, she texted her sister Anu that she is going on date.

her phone pinged soon and both girls started to talk.

‘what? with whom?’

my coffee partner’

‘uhh-lala What are you wearing? He isn’t a serial killer, is he? Stay safe though. Take pepper spray with you.’

‘relax, relax…he is a nice guy.’

She was about to answer all the questions and concerns of her but doorbell ranged.

‘fill you with details when I’ll come back see you soon bye.’

Her phoned pinged again but she assumed that it will be Anu replied to her bye. She opened the door she saw Shlok. She was expecting him with a flower or some gifts or at least in fine, casual clothes but
‘oops,’ she thought in her mind.


Note: Hello humans…how are you? I just finished an important task in my life ( I will share details in near future) and I am off to sail this blog boat. I am excited indeed. I feel like I have so many stories to tell and I am confident enough to do that. Stay tuned for the next chapter which is on -let me see in my journal- aah, 19th august. Till then tell about this one. did you like it? no? yes? why?

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