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And every morning the way home gets longer and longer

First and foremost I would like to thank Alice Menzies: the translator of this book because I don’t know Swedish and without you I could never be introduced to this stunning gem. I have always been very keen about mental disorders and my search for Alzheimer’s disease started for the novel I am writing. At that time I had no idea I will get introduced to the man called ‘Fredrik Backman’ through his book called ‘every morning the way home gets longer and longer’
Honestly I started this book because it was short and I thought I will get some inside of character/s who has Alzheimer. I opened the first page and saw Backman’s note. The exact words were- ‘imagination giving up before the body does.’ I knew at this line that I am going to finish this book, right now!Backman says, ‘ the book is love letter and a slow farewell between a man and his grandson.’ Dude, the book is indeed slow and made me too tearful-The same tears you have when your heart is filled with too much emotions or when your brain want to balance the chemicals inside.

And I knew Fredrik Beckman is going to be my favorite writer when I read this line in his note, ‘I wrote just because I was trying to sort my own thoughts, and I am the kind of person who needs to see what I am thinking on paper to make sense of it. Because I am that kind of person to and that’s the reason I write.
The book is magnificent work of him. The story is between an old man whose memories are fading away because of dementia and his grandson, Noah. The relationship between father, son and grandson is stunningly narrated here. The anger of father who had devoted his life in mathematics refused to accept his son liking writing. And grandson who likes mathematics and have same differences with father.
You might be thinking the story will be sad. Yes it is. It is sad but then it’s just a part of a journey. It’s a journey where you’ll enter into a square box full of memories. Memories of his whole life. His love, his passion, his blessings and the pain, the anger, the regrets because all these memories are fading away.The reasons you should read is- It’s a little adventure. This 100 pages novella you can complete in few hours or half an hour. Fredrick Beckman’s lines kicks your heart every time you read them (main reason of loving his work) and also, this book contains small and cute illustration. In short this is the book you can read over and over still can feel it like fresh air.

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