5 Benefits of having houseplants

I never had plants until this summer. I always thought it takes too much of my time. From planting to watering it daily and taking care of them like babies. Yet my father always liked them. We always had plants in our home even if there’s no space. It’s one of his daily routines to watering them in the evening.

A year ago when I was in university I started to take interest in plants and soon I wanted to have one but I knew I wasn’t able to take care of them so I dropped the idea but now as summer has been started I planted few plants just to see if I can take care of them or not and as they are growing I am feeling this immense happiness.

Honestly, I get it if you don’t like planting and you may also think that having plants may keep you and your house busy but here are some benefits if having indoor plants that don’t ask for much attention and you can have a healthy relationship with them.

1. Plants reduce physiological and psychological stress.

Modern and fast life causes too much stress and sometimes they are overwhelming and indoor plants helps us to be in touch with nature. a study of human interaction with indoor plants shows that indoor plants reduce the stress both physical and psychological by subduing autonomic nervous system.

2. They help you to become more productive

from above you can cool down your mind and body, therefore, you can already guess how much productive work you can do. An extended natural contact in your office or workspace makes you relaxed and calm. it also decrease the sick leaves and boost your health (even the work sucks it pays your bills!)

3. Plants clean the air by absorbing toxins

If you believe that pollution, nowadays, is only on the streets then your wrong. they are many pollutants in your home also like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, pesticides and disinfectants, Volatile Compounds and airborne biological pollutants. NASA conducted a study in which scientist found out that there are around 50 indoor plants that absorb toxins from Air.

4. Controls the humidity in the house

humidity in your house is one of the aspects that should keep in check always. Too moist environment invite mold and insects in the house plant like English ivy can reduce the humidity in the house.

5. They provide restful sleep

here are the things I know and I researched about benefits of indoor plants. you can comment and tell me more if you know any other than this. I want to write another detailed one about how plants actually improve mental health. now the ‘reading-radio’ is turning off. thank you for sparing time.

English ivy
sneak plant
peace lily

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