• 13 Coffee Cups,  Writing

    3: The Loser Cup

    In the evening Siya made two cups of coffee and bought it on the terrace. She put the cups and waited for Shlok to come. She was welcomed by cold breeze after rain, muddy smell, and scattered clouds in the sky. It has been three days since they had bet. Yet Siya couldn’t find Shlok in the college, it was…

  • 13 Coffee Cups

    2: The Tired Cup

    Shlok looked in the mirror for the last time, grey tee on white shorts making him more handsome. ‘okay Shlok, it’s party time’ he said to himself, gave a small smirk while looking into the mirror. He turned around but again faced the mirror and told himself within a serious tone ‘enjoy tonight’ looking at the reflection of his eyes.…

  • 13 Coffee Cups

    1. The New Cup

    Siya threw her bag on the floor as soon as she came back from college. opening her laptop, she connected the video call to her home. her lower lip was tumbling and eyes were almost filled with tears that she didn’t shed, yet. She bit her lip in an attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth.…

  • 13 Coffee Cups


    Moving to the new city with three big bags is tough. What is tougher? That you are alone. Living alone when you have been surrounded by so many people is tough. will Siya be able to survive this new town, new routine, and new crush? Hop on to read.

  • Short stories

    The New Day

    T h e N E W d a y. Another day, same as yesterday, tired and dreadful, aching body and soul. He was in subway looking out of the window knowing that nothing was going to change. He sighed and closed his eyes, wishing if he could do better, stopped her. Wishing it never happened or stayed as it was.…