Journal 2021

In Gujarati it is called ‘Rojnishi’ you write daily in it. I found out this word in my sister’s mandatory journal during her college time. I don’t know whether she still writes it or not but I do. At first in Gujarati, then in Hindi (Bollywood inspired) and when my mom secretly started to read it I switched to English. I am an old-school person who finds joy in writing on paper hence digital journals never lasted longer than few days.

Then after Sushant wrote about ‘5 minutes journal’ in one of his mind heck series I came to know about the bullet journal, until then it was just my thoughts in my journal, no plans, no analysis nothing. I started to research bullet journaling and found a sea of artistic bullet journals and I fell. I wanted to do all; I wanted to create beautiful drawings and layout for the spreads which aren’t even important for me; like mood tracker, sleep tracker, and making lengthy task lists until I read the book ‘The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll’ and saw pickup limes video. I have done a lot of experimenting to find what works for me.

Here is my January 2021 journal. it is pretty minimal and the layout is inspired by Sadia’s video.

I kept it minimal for two reasons. First, I don’t want to spend much time laying out a journal just to beautify which also makes me less productive. Second, a few pages like 3 major tasks, check-in, and brain dump spreads don’t overwhelm me. I no longer have to keep track of everything I do. Rather I focus on the important parts of my work. My layouts should work for me, help me to be productive, keep my ideas in one place, easy to track, and easy to analyze my accomplishments.

I keep another journal too, to write down my thoughts, my hopes, and fears, my plans, accomplishments, and failures. Things which I find notable, which I am sure I want to read again and again like Oscar Wilde’s few lines or movie dialogues or thoughts about it or Sushant’s book lists or those intense and important conversations that moved my heart. All of that goes here.

I don’t write it daily of course but when I read it after a few months or years I find reflections of what you used to think, how you used to act or be, and even though you are the same person now there will be few minor changes that much have happened either in your personality or people around or your mindset and habits and these little changes means a lot to me. A slow and steady walk takes you far 🙂


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