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Life lessons I have picked up from Ikigai

Previously we saw my top five favorite books from 2020 and one of the books that have put a great impact on my lifestyle more than others is Ikigai. I believe that every book has something to teach and I am one curious creature who questions everything. Therefore, reading Ikigai was a ride worth remembering.

So, here are a few habits that I have adopted along with a few changes I’m going to make this year based on this book.

Staying active

I’m a lazy person in general. I procrastinate a lot, now to which I feel, how bad this habit has changed my mind and body in an unhealthy way over the past few years. Before reading Ikigai I used to think staying active is something of a big thing to do. Like having a gym membership, or commit to a hardcore workout but rather it is just simple. All I need to do is pick up the workout I like. When I was a kid, I liked walking, cycling and yoga and used to enjoy these very much. So I have started doing these again. If I don’t feel like going out, I take care of my father’s plants or cook meals for everyone. My goal is not just to lose the extra weight around my tummy but also to have a lifestyle where my body is strong, healthy, and flexible.

Healthy eating

Of course, It has to be on the list otherwise my first lesson is simply not going to work. Choosing fries over fruits have become so easy. Online food delivery doesn’t have many healthy options and social media feed of mine is filled with all kinds of street foods from India. Apart from that as being a Gujju, I crave fried fafda and jalebi every weekend. Unlike my father, who doesn’t eat outside food, I don’t have much control. Hence I have made a few rules for not eating outside and started understand more about the importance of various foods that go in my body. I will talk about this more when I will see some results from these lessons.

Nurturing friendships and being interactive with people

I am an awful friend. If I’m talking to you, I will go on for hours and If not, I will not contact you for months. I forget important events and even birthdays. My friends get angry and scold me every year; it has become a never-ending process. Because of this, I have lost many meaningful relationships. What I have realized is that I have great, supporting friends and I would be a fool if I continue these actions of mine just to lose some more.

I am an introvert. Calling and chatting don’t suit me well. I get nervous and anxiety creeps in whenever I have to talk with somebody new. Lately, I’m seeing a pattern here. It is not a big deal, to be honest, I know this. You just have to go, dial, talk, listen and talk more. And that is it. I need to interact with people as much as I can, facing my fears until I don’t feel them anymore. I just need a few seconds of courage.

Practicing mindfulness and minimalism

I am really glad that I bumped into this in 2019 and started digging and doing more, thanks to Sadia from pick up limes.

You get one thing about me from this post that anxiety and stress is something I am struggling with, not severe but I need to pay attention to, and as my ancestors used to say being in the present moment helps a lot. I think there is no pre-planned path for humans we create our own meaning to keep our self sane and finding meaning in simple things is what I am doing. A smile forms on my face when I see blooming plants, that green makes me feel alive with happiness. I feel fulfilled after a simple but delicious meal or a cup of tea with my family and friends. Great discussions, melodious music, soft cold breeze, sunsets, moon watching, learning new, creating few lines makes me calm, pulls me into the present.

And in order to achieve that I don’t need many things, my nana (grandfather) and Father agree on this. Their words and I quote ‘simple, minimalist life is all you need to keep peace and to be out of chaos’ I am new and still searching for ideas and a set of rules to include minimalism in my life but I know its worth a try.

Deeply working on my Ikigai

Something to write on, something to write about is all I need till my last breath. If I am not working on my Ikigai then I am surely wasting my life. I have already incorporated writing a few pages of poetry and spending less time on social media, chitchatting, and YouTube. It is my salvation and I want to master this craft from the finest craftsmen.

I would like to ask you now, what suggestions you would want to give me for these habits and what is helping you to make a better lifestyle?


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