Person one

Person one taught me that…

a person can change if he is willing to. A person can walk with time, learn new things, accept new norms, and let hard things go.


At first, I never wanted to mention names but then I was sure that most of these people are never going to read this blog. Hence, I will mention about whom I have written at the end.

This person is someone with whom I have had a love-hate relationship with. He always had principles, rules about everything and at that time I believed the rules are a cage. Few years before as I started to write, I also started to observe people unknowingly, and when I observed him…I found him fascinating. Here I am sharing something I have noticed all along.

He follows a schedule; packed with healthy habits. He wakes up at sunrise and goes for walks. He makes tea for us and prays after a bath. He, then, reads newspaper…from the first page to the last. He feeds to a few stray dogs and then heads to his office.

In the evening he talks to people, watches the news and then has dinner. He waters his plants and feed those dogs again and leaves for a walk for half an hour at least. He always sleeps before 11 o’clock at night. He has seen a lot in his life, from a very young age. Though he never let those hardships define him. He lives his life by his choices.

He keeps himself busy to avoid overthinking. He loves his plants and dogs. He lives mindfully, a day at a time. Still, he saves for the future.

He is minimalist, never buys something if he doesn’t need it. He likes to create, DIY projects are his favorites. He can repair almost anything…from scooter to my mood. He also doesn’t advise you or interfere unless you ask him to but he is kind and caring. He trusts people…in a way that I never can. But again, he only trusts once and it is so hard to gain his trust back if lost. He also gets angry when you don’t complete the task you are told to do. Ove (from the book ‘man called Ove’) reminds me of him.

He always meets with accidents. There isn’t one vehicle he has driven safely till now. However, he showed me that a person can change if he is willing to. A person can walk with time, learn new things, accept new norms, and let hard things go.

This person always tried to keep me safe yet let me be wild, live my life in my own terms. He never listened to what ‘other person will say’. The person is my Father who taught me many things. Mostly taught me to live fearlessly. Even though I get scared from time to time; It’s his words that keep me ignite the fight. ‘ Thanks, Dad… for giving us a comfortable life but also preparing us for tough circumstances. ‘ – your kids. Trasvadi and me.


You tell me…

  • What you love most about your father?
  • Who is/are your inspiration?


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