13 Coffee Cups


‘this year is gonna be incredible,

this year is gonna be the one

all the planets are lining up for me

this year I’m gonna have fun’

the song was bursting out from Siya’s headphone as she was listening with her closed eyes, head resting on the bus seat. A constant tap on her shoulder made her eyes open. She took a second to process what was happening as she looked around herself. everyone’s eyes were on her and the conductor was glaring at her with bloodshot eyes. before she could understand what she did, the conductor said himself, “kya madam, kab se chilla raha hu Armol aa gaya. Ab utariye bus se to ye age jaa sake” (what madam, how many times I’ll have to say, Armol is here, now get off the bus so we can move further.)

she abruptly got up from her seat but unfortunately stumble upon her beg. after almost falling down and helped by a conductor, she finally got off from the bus. she looked back to say thanks to the conductor but he rang the bell and the bus started. A small bead of sweat formed on her head, though it was a monsoon, it was hot at noon because of humidity.

Siya was thirsty but she decided to take auto first, she asked the autowala to go for Nehru Nagar. as soon as she sat on auto, she bound her hair with a stick and she pulled out a water bottle and napkin. she wipes away sweat and started to drink water, she took one sip from it and auto stopped. unlucky girl, spilled out all the water on herself.

“shit…” she cursed and looked at her top, which was wet now. she glared at the autowala “why’d you stopped?”


“are…roka kyun?” (why’d you stopped)

“aa gaya madam…pehli bar aai hai kya?” (we reached madam, you came for the first time or what?” ) autowala replied. her cheekbones were all red, half from the heat and half from the embarrassment. she didn’t know how she’ll survive here. Alone.

She never had traveled alone before. Being with a joint Indian family you always have someone around you.

fortunately, autowala helped her to pull out her bags as she looked at the row of bungalows in front of her. “what was the number?” she thought, she forgot her pg house number. she smacked on her forehead and let out a cry before pulling out her phone.

the landlord came out when she told him that she had arrived. she had found this p.g. online the night before she came. The landlord ‘pg uncle’ was a middle-aged man, he was wearing a white shirt and cream formal pants. he had glasses that moved up and down when he spoke.

pg uncle looked around and then questioned her” is it raining?” siya shook her head quickly. she led her to the house and show her room, which was upstairs to the landlord’s house.

“time limit is 10, if you’ll be late you can stay on road whole night” as soon as they reached inside, the landlord bombarded with rules. “the gas-bill and the light bill is on yours and pay the rent on time. if you need anything else to call me” he put her bags on the floor and spoke everything so fast.

Siya nodded and said thank you before he left. she looked around and checked her room, it was room for two but right now she was alone, she took a bottle from the fridge, fortunately, the kitchen was well arranged. she unpacked her stuff and settled it in the cupboard, she took a quick shower and then laid down on her bed, missing her parents and uncle-aunt, dadi, her little sister. Thinking…’ how I will survive here?’ 

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