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Quotes from my favorite author: Louisa May Alcott

I watched ‘little women’ today. Its a movie based on a book by author Louisa May Alcott. Two years ago, in our lab, my friend Khadija told me about a show ‘Haq Se’ in alt Balaji. I read in the description that the show was based on a book called little women. I got curious and searched the book the author and downloaded that book.

I read half and forgot to read more but finished the show. Then last year I saw the trailer of this movie, Emma Watson was in it and I really wanted to watch but along the time this thing slipped from my mind too and today a notification came and I watched it. My mind was so much into a movie that I searched quotes about Louisa May Alcott and here are few which I found very relatable with me. Hope you like it.


Recently, I once told my friend, “I want to do something dhaasu(splendid), something heroic”. To which he replied, “people do dhasu things every day”.
After reading about Louisa May Alcott I grasped the meaning behind those words. I understood what my friend said to me. I realized what I needed to do. I just had to sit down and write. The thing I love the most, writing. That’s all I have to do.


In my childhood books were my playground. My father tried his best to make me go out and play but books were an escape for me. They still are. Especially Wattpad. I remember lying down all day and night until I finish a book and cry due to pain in my back. And now, even though it’s hard to find time to read, books are simple joy and Lousia’s words are comforting for a wild reader like me.


When you read, even a boring newspaper, you start to think. Our minds are wired up this way. We can have multiple perspectives on various situations and we argue on different topics because we read. Books really turn our brains and if you are reading this, then I’m sure you must have felt it too.


Life is all about balance and I understood this very late. I am still learning to balance my time between hobbies, work, family, friends, and me. And I tell you this, I have missed so many friends and opportunities when I was being ignorant and was out of balance.


I see everyone has something extraordinary. Some have maturity and can balance stuff better than me. Some understand how the world works and still can make their point. Some have all the love and kindness even though they know how bad this world is. Some can learn things quicker than me and can retain information for a long time. Some have an understanding of good and bad ethics. Some are observers like no one else. And some like me try things. I try to write better every day. I try to polish my English. I try to learn new things. What I am saying is, We all have some little unique thing and what we do with that uniqueness is important.


This is so me…or any other artist. People say artists live in their own world and ignore their surroundings but it is not entirely true. We observe little moments so we can arrange our world accordingly.


You are what you surround yourself with. Not only kids but adults too learn by mimicking. Hence it is so important to surround yourself by what you love and who you love.


Every woman can be both elegant and kick-ass. 😏 and I am trying to be both.


I love this one but at the same time, I am scared too. Because being great has risks and uncertainty and I am not even sure about being good. All I want to do is work hard and create good things. That makes my soul content.


I am a person who blocks things or situations in the brain. I can easily forget stuff that I don’t want to remember but now little by little I am understanding how important those bad situations are, they created well in me. We should keep notes of our life…good or bad, it doesn’t matter. We need something to laugh on if we are alive till the 60s and retired.

Here Are a few quotes I like. Tell me what YOU think about when you read these quotes or any other. or tell me who’s your favorite author? I am all up for discussion.

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