Review Process

Hello sweeties.β›„

I know you will rarely visit this page but I need to give an explanation about MY reviewing process.

We are homo sapiens but we all are different and so are our methods for doing things. Our schedules, habits, and perspectives.

In the world of books, I am merely a performer and when I am not
performing I am an audience. Hence I know, what I am looking for in
books as we look for taste in foods. I don’t judge any book by its rating as everyone’s taste is different.

However, for my personal system, I use ‘Teacups’ Like e . This might be a lame but important
replacement of stars.

eeeee: I am lost in that book even when I am doing mundane tasks. My mind wonders about its characters and questions their intentions. I grab my friend and start telling her about the story even though she is not into reading and suggests everyone to read it. I might sneak around and stay up late with numerous cups of tea to finish that book.

eeee: I like that book, I really do but at some point, we don’t think alike. Maybe it wants to go south and I prefer north and I have to leave it like a painful breakup. I talk about this book to some of my friends and suggest to them as per their tastebuds. Whenever I see it in some bookstore I still buy it because I still love it! And we can enjoy some tea dates together.

eee: I liked it but as a friend. I friendzoned it because I don’t agree with it. It is toxic yet thrilling. I might go on occasional tea dates with it and talk about life but nothing serious. I will talk about it and recommend a few friends if they like that genre.

ee: I might go to the store and caress my hand on this one and sigh because I made tea and tried to follow this but we couldn’t work.

e: The date sucked, The tea sucked. This was a disaster that I never want to feel again. I will avoid it in the book shop and will be careful next time.

So here it is. Dramatic ratings from me but deep down all true. I take my book-dates seriously because I surround myself around them and the last thing I want is trash in my mind and life. However, every book has something good so let’s not forget that and start reading.

Grab your cuppa and let’s read, write and learn.

With love and gratitude,