Who is Rhythm?

Are you a reader? Or interested in lifestyle and literature? Then you might want to continue with reading articles I’ve here. If you want to know Rhythm, the girl in front of the tree with book in grey top and messy chocolate brown hair with similar eye colour then continue. I am Nikita Chaudhary but I would like to be called by my pen-name – Rhythm. I, as many of you here, am a writer and a small-town girl trying to create my own little space in this big wild world

Why I started a blog?

As a 90’s kid, I grew up without internet and 24*7 TV. My sword for killing boredom was books therefore I have read so many of them and got my train of imagination in 2006. During my teenage years I created my first story on Wattpad. Mostly because I was dealing with ‘teenage-drama’ aka hormones but after a few chapters I got a sense that I am in love with this process. Daydreaming, staring the laptop screen for hours, researching the facts irrelevant to my story, rereading and deleting every file, telling myself that it sucks and still continuing. Aah, It’s such a peaceful process!

Anyway, I knew I am going to write regardless of where I am and what I do by profession. My friend, Chintan helped me to build this website for which I am really grateful. This my own space where I can write and show it to the world: it’s all I want for now.


What you will find here?

This is a platform where I post my own stories, novels, poems and articles. Apart from creating stories, I am interested in understanding the human brain and behaviour. If I am not writing or reading novels then I am found to be reading papers and journals about neuroscience and human behaviour. This gave me a broad view to understand mental disorders and how much destructive they are to mankind. This lead me to write about health, habits, productivity and self-care.


Most of my childhood is spent at my grandma’s home at her village where I fell in love with nature and turned out to be a calm and peaceful person. I am not found of animals but I like to observe them from far away. Hence, I try to grow plants and write about them.

I am a forever learner. I haven’t figured out everything yet but who has? I am try and learn from errors thus if you have any suggestion please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for stopping by with love and gratitude 

P.s. I use a semicolon after my name because when I would have stopped; I continued.

 Disclaimer: All the Articles and Stories are written by me only, unless or mentioned. All the stories are first or second draft only. The pictures on any articles or stories are clicked by me or by unsplash otherwise mentioned.