Short stories

The New Day

T h e N E W d a y.

Another day, same as yesterday, tired and dreadful, aching body and soul. He was in subway looking out of the window knowing that nothing was going to change.

He sighed and closed his eyes, wishing if he could do better, stopped her. Wishing it never happened or stayed as it was.

He took a long breath and got down from the train as his station arrived, the last one. It was a night no one was there same as his life. No one was there either.

His parents were living far away from him. He wanted to complete his dreams wanted to achieve all that his dad couldn’t provide yet he came here and left his hometown. He loved his family but never got the courage to call them knowing they hate him for choosing his dreams and she hates him too for choosing to let her go.

‘You’ll never understand the word love. You didn’t even care for me. I’m going. I can’t bear your ignorance anymore’ her words echoed in his mind. He wanted to mute it but god forgot that button for a mind. He didn’t know he loved her or just her absence was making him miserable.

He unlocked his apartment and looked around as if she was there waiting for him. He closed his eyes and tried to remove that thought. He microwaved his food and turn on the TV for feel someone’s presence. Watching impractical jokers but not smiling for once, it was his life. Smile less. Sweet less.

He changed his clothes and went to bed, knowing life was going to be the same as today, same as yesterday.

‘Nothing is going to change’

As the cue today was same, again. He was on subway another day like yesterday, tired and dreadful, aching body and soul. He was looking down also his heart. He got up as his last station arrived. The train stopped. He was supposed to get out but his body hit something petite and elegant. He looked up and saw a girl and her surprised two eyes. What was she doing here? At this time of night?

She gave her a small smile as her eyes twinkled with hope for finding him. She was new here, finding anyone to ask address.

“Can you help me?” she said with a sweet voice that no one can decline. He nodded and she saw him address it was same as his, he got new neighbors now. He didn’t say that to her and show her road. He left her too and started walking on the road.

He slept after eating thinking the same. Next day was going to be like same today and yesterday.

‘Happy new day’ he eyes caught first words in a newspaper in the morning. He made himself a coffee and take a paper from a door. He ignored it and got ready for the day. He didn’t know it is changed and was a new day.

He was on the subway and saw that girl. She came and sited beside him making him little uncomfortable. She noticed him but wanted to know him and finding answers for the pain in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you told me we live on the same street?” She asked having the same comforting smile. He looked at her and gave her bored look, wishing she will go and not bother him again.

He didn’t know her, she was the most stubborn girl on earth. She nudged him so he looked at him and he looked.

“Don’t tell me are you afraid of me?” she said with amusement in her eyes. “I knew I look so badass but I’m a sweet girl.”

She didn’t look badass at all, she had that petite body, the silky straight hair, and sparkling chocolate brown eyes. He was ogling at her though he didn’t know it.

“You know when you collide with me yesterday, I thought you are hitting on me but you are weird. No offense but you should shave your beard. It kind of gave scary look. Doesn’t suit your personality…”

And on and on and on. She was telling stories and talking about him too. He didn’t utter a word though she didn’t seem to mind. She was jumping from one topic to another until her station arrived. He took a breath of relaxation and closed his eyes then realized it was his station too.

He jumped out of his sit and quickly got off from a train. Thank god he didn’t miss it. That girl was a bad influence for sure. He went to his office where all looked down and do their work. The noise their ears received were either from telephone or paper or keyboards’.

He got down to his cubical, started working until lunchtime. He didn’t talk to anybody besides his work. He looked up to check the clock and noticed the photo of his love was missing. He checked around but didn’t find it. It was the last thing was from her and yet he lost it too. His sadness gown bigger. He tried to ask around but didn’t find it.

Finally, he got up from a chair and went to a cafeteria for lunch, he knew no one will join him and as always he will sit alone. From the first day, it was like this. He was passionate about his carrier and his dreams. He thought making friends is just west of time but after losing her he felt if there were someone sharing his pain.

He took his order and found a table away from everyone. He was taking bite quietly and looking around. He saw the girl from a subway and tucked his head down as his he has a weird interest in test less food. He didn’t want her to see him. He knew she’ll start talking and try to be his friend.

But he was late or his perfume was amazing. As soon as the girl stepped inside the canteen, she took a long breath and the smell of his perfume hit her nostrils. Her smile grew wider and she started to look for him. She saw her at the corner away from everyone. She said her new friend bye and went to sit beside him.

“Hi, you work here too?” though she knew he won’t answer she asked him. Much to his disappointment she found him and started rambling.

He didn’t utter a word again. He completed his food and went to the desk. She sat there wondering why he is like that.

She went to her friends and ask them. They told her about his heartbreak. The photo she accidentally destroyed from someone’s desk it was his lover. The girl felt bad because of his sadness.

She made a promise to herself she will make him smile before she moved from them. She searched about him more talking to everyone. Found out he was not like this when he was first here.

She found out about his true nature about his past and parents. Thinking about how will she make his life perfect again?

She didn’t know the universe sent her as his gift. He was looking for nothing and she was his everything.

The girl decided to be as she was. Being yourself was best she thought.

It was raining when the work was over. He wanted to go subway station but he didn’t have an umbrella and taxi were nowhere to seen.

The rain was hard as if it’s going to float soon and he didn’t know what to do. The girl found his tragedy and stood beside him. She knew as always he was going to ignore.

She opened her umbrella and ask him if he wanted to share. He knew he didn’t have a choice and accept to share the umbrella.

They walked to the station which was near and waited for the train. He looked at her and she gave her sweetest smile. He wanted to say thanks but afraid if she’ll become a friend.

As soon as he stepped inside on train he felt the day was different, not like yesterday. Not tired, not dreadful. He was feeling something inside his heart. It was lifting up and look straight to her eyes and her sweet smile.

He saw she was sitting one seat away from him and wondering why she didn’t utter a word. He looked at and saw closed eyes. She was sleeping like a kid, no worries of the world and having a little smile.

“Hay wake up next station is last” he woke her up believing it is his thanks for earlier. She looked tired though woke up and said thanks.

She slept knowing he’ll wake her up, she had bad habit sleeping in a train. The day she arrived it was tough to keep her eyes open but now she knew she had a partner who will look around her.

She was happy that he didn’t disappoint her this time and saw as a small victory that he talked to her first time.

He was walking home and she was beside him, he was not sure why she was not talking. She stopped at a fountain and took out a coin. Out of curiosity he stopped there and watching her do her things.

She closed her eyes and made a wish ‘he smile again and stay happy as long as he live’ she threw the coin into the water and felt peaceful, believing her wish will come true.

He looked at her amusingly. He asked what she did. She explained her believe and thought he’ll make fun but opposite he took out a coin and stand beside her.

He closed his eyes though he’ll wish about his lover as always, though today was a new day he was surprised for himself he wished ‘her sweet smile stays as it is as long as she live’

He opened his eyes and she was staring her with wide eyes and mischievous yet sweet smile. He wished for the girl beside her who met for 24 hours.

They walked to home saying nothing she was tired and he was shocked. She wished him good night and he replied to her.

He changed his clothes wearing only track. He was about to make instant food but his doorbell ranged. He opened it and she was there.

“I don’t like to eat alone.” She told with puppy face and a slight blush. He saw food in her hand.

She made food as she came home, she tried to eat alone but it was not in her nature. She liked to talk while eating and there was no one. She made plans to go to his home.

She rang the bell hoped he will open. He opened and her eyes popped out as he was shirtless, showing all his abs and making him hard to resist.

Out of his nature, he welcomed her. They took their sits and started to eat. At first bite, he wanted moan for the taste of food but resist his urge if she’ll misunderstand.

She was telling jokes and laughing, a small smile come to his face too. They complete their food and she was leaving for her home.

“Should I drop you?” he asked.

“I live right next to you mister” she replied and he nod. She knew he was not being rude with her but don’t know it was she or her food.

“Food was good, thank you” he finally thanked her. It was kind of relief he thought.

“Can we eat together daily? “She asked

“If you make dinner daily” he approached

“You’ll have to help me,” she said with that sweet smile. She left and his eyes were following her until she vanished from his site.

He turned off the TV and went to bed thinking and hoping. It was not a dream, the next day she came again with that sweet smile. Because of today,

‘Nothing was the same, it was the new day’

T h e e n d.

T h e e n d.

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