Things for me before I start…

I should keep in mind.

I have started this blog because I wanted my own platform to write and share. I somewhat knew that this is going to be hard. building website, choosing name and theme and creating homepage! ugh. and still, it’s not perfect.

I started this anyway because I knew (from my writing journey) that I am going to learn on the way like we learn in video games (90’s kid) from one hurdle to another. I never learned English from the classrooms, never learned grammar apart from what I need in exams and never spoke in English till last year. yet still I am writing, reading, speaking and of course, making lots of mistakes.

Therefore, I know this is never going to be perfect. but I will write and create anyway.

I am a writer because I write. published or not (even though deep down I want to earn from my art) I am a writer and it comes naturally. I don’t have to force myself. maybe because I am too sensitive or always stressful or always see things not as it is. I always want to find meanings, want to read in between the lines in almost everything that happens with me or others.

Therefore, I know how personal this journey is going to be but I will go anyway.

I will and always have self-doubts. it’s in my nature. I know I am not perfect no one is, nothing is but people’s comment hurts me and it will. It’s the way my brain works and I’ve fought with it for a very long time and I am tired now.

Therefore I know I won’t be able to write for only one niche but there will be mine anyway.

I don’t have to be perfectly perfect. I don’t need only one topic or I will never write anything. I like plants and self-care and being productive and lots of books and novels. I don’t have to fit in because I started this for me and I know I don’t fit in lines. I am that upside down a bird on the wire. the only thing I am exacting is to impress myself and at least complete my novels because when it’s out there in the world. low-key you feel commitment towards your writing. and most importantly what’s the point of doing all this if I don’t enjoy?

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