You still have long way to go on.

Let’s start from the list of my insecurities. Pear shaped body ( I know but body shaming is something I do despite all positive thoughts I tell myself), clumsy, anxious about every little things. Very bad at English and still wants to be a writer… Writing in English. Still want to be fluent speaker.

Yes, I’m not good at the things I really want to be best at. I want to write books with perfect plot, perfect ending, perfect in grammar. I want to write articles daily. I want to learn grammar so that I can write quite well.

I’m nowhere near to that. I know.

I’ve so many flaws sometimes I’ve to spend lot of time in search of finding the perfect word. Sometimes I’ve to translate things from Gujarati to English.

I know I’m imperfect to the level from I shouldn’t start. Yet I did start.

I’m writing this! I’ll write more.

I’m writing this. I will write more. I’ll write daily. I’ll learn more. I’ll read more.

And that’s how I’ll learn. Learn to write in the language I’m not even good.

I still have a long way to go and I have to go.

And someday, one day. I’ll reach there and I’ll say to myself, patting my back… You Crossed that river girl.

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